Welcome to my new journey

Tue Dec 18 2018 23:06:00 GMT+0100 (Hora estándar romance), David Ibáñez

Welcome to my new journey

As a coder for more than 15 years I think I can start to overcome my impostor syndrome! This is the first reason to start this journey.

I know, there're infinite blogs, webs and every kind of stuff related to coding topics. I'll write this in the first place for myself. I read a lot of articles and opinions and I never find myself reflected in those points of view completely.
Otherwise, I'm trying to improve and strengthen my programming knowledge and I always listened that the best way to know what you really know is to try to teach and write about these concepts.

This is what I'll try to do from now on. Every advice will be welcome!

Why the name Horse starts but donkey stops

Here in my country there's a proverb literally translated. It refers to the ability to start a lot of things but never end a single one. This is what always happened to me on side projects, hobby ideas, ...

I hope it does not happen to me again with this project!



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