My achievable goals for 2019

Wed Jan 02 2019 13:36:29 GMT+0100 (Hora estándar romance), David Ibáñez

My personal goals for 2019

I've never belevied in setting personal goals. 2018 is the year I started looking for help out there to improve my life. I improved in to knowing me better and one thing I realized is I always focused on great unachievable goals.

Last year, after during the read of the book The idea man by Paul Allen I found myself thinking that my opportunities to make something great in my life were end. I didn't like the book too much, I think it is a bit narcissistic, but the first part of the book, Paul Allen explains how was the start of personal computing. Talking about technology on those years, I remembered that I had some of that technology at home in the years that it was not common to have (early 80s out of the US, when I was 5-10 years old) and I thought I hadn't taken adavantage of having those tools at my hand. I didn't started to code seriously until I was 20 years old and now I'm late to start digging in some field to really have enough knowledge to create something to be proud of.

Sharing my thoughts with my friends during a dinner, They helped me asking the following questions:

  • Why is too late?
  • What's late for?

Arguing with them, one of them made me realized that my main problem is not to define my goals and my blurred goals were a grandiloquent ones. He tell me:

create small and realistic goals and go for them and you'll see that never is to late to acomplish your desires.

This is why, for the first time in my 43 years old, I will plan my goals for this year 2019. I'll give it a try!

My goals for 2019

  1. Personal area

    • Improve my time with my daughters: Sometimes I have the feeling that I don't enjoy enough time listening and talking to my daughters because I'm so focused on my work, home tasks, cooking, and other day by day stuff.

    • Improve my relationship with my wife: The first thing a couple sacrificies is its own relationship. I'll try to work on details to make my relationship much better.

  2. Projects

    • Write 10 posts in this blog: I started this blog few days ago. I want to be consistent with it.

    • Create my first tutorial: There's a tutorial I always wanted to write. I'll do this year.

    • Code a full Machine Learning project: I took ML course on coursera few years ago and last year I finished the full Deep Learning Specialization from Andrew Ng. I completed assignments and ported those solutions from juniper notebooks to local python succesffuly, playing with them trying out my own ideas on those and I joined some dummy contest in kaggle, but I never created any project from scratch. Something able to run permanently, something trained and able to predict something. I will try to accomplish this project this year.

    • Complete a full side project: I started a lot of side projects I never ended like a pair live DJing platform using spotify API I almost finished but never published, an app called Fetxit that was something like a shared shopping list but with some kind of AI capabilities in order to help the users with some great features. I had a landing page, the app almost finished too, but as DJ app, I never published seriously. Now, I reduce my expectations and this year I will launch a simple web app to get notifications by email about new songs added on top charts playlists on Spotify.

  3. Work

    • Finish IDSMedia TW version: We're totally redesigning our main software solution on my work. We are developing the new version almost from scratch to port to newest technologies. We are creating all the backend with Node.js and basically creating a more appealing and totally visual solution in front end. I'm working for months on it with my mates and I will finish this version this next year. We have a lot of expectations on this new version and I'm eager to see how it'll work

    • Work on some new technology: I'm researching about NFC. I think it is very interesting in my field and I want to develop some solution that fits to our projects.


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