50 days of the 100DaysOfCode challenge

Sun Feb 17 2019 16:47:31 GMT+0100 (Hora estándar romance), David Ibáñez

50 Days Of The #100DaysOfCode challenge

I'm in the halfway point of the challenge today! At this point I'm definitely happy of taking part on it.
It's being a funny and productive journey so far. I'm learning a lot of new things, meeting a lot of great people and working on myself.

I have to say that taking part in the challenge it's part of last year purpose to work on myself. The challenge is not the only inputs I have to improve.

On January, I've set My achievable goals for 2019. Thanks to the challenge, We're in mid February and I'm almost at the 50% of reaching these goals.

Let's see my achievements so far!

Personal improvements

  • I've got consistency in applying some time a day to a defined goal. I used to learn, to write, and to work on side projects. I realized that this consistency is helping me in other areas of my life, removing some background laziness. It's something like going to gym for a while everyday.

  • Thanks to consistency (and working on myself as well), I'm starting to improve the way I appreciate other activities. I'm becoming better enjoying my family time, focusing on what I'm doing on every moment. Far from the point where I'd like to be, but improving!

  • I've started to enjoy dedicating some time to not productive activities without regretting myself. Just enjoying it!

Projects and coding related

  • Discovered and start to being involved in a great community out there. It's amazing how many people exists willing to help others and with so many projects and awesome ideas.

  • For the first time ever I started to work on open source projects. I've opened a few pull requests, accepted and merged. Learnt a lot on how these communities get organized and how git tools work on this environments.

  • I've been involved in starting two projects for fun with some people around the world. It's funny to discover how to organize communities with so many time zones.

  • I'm beating my fear to share my work. I start to feel good sharing my work, writing tutorials. I'm overcoming my impostor syndrome bit by bit ;)

  • I've posted 6 of 10 of the articles I've proposed for this year.

  • I've published Part #1 and part #2 of the tutorial Create Your Own Framework In Less Than 350 Lines Of Code. I'm in the halfway point of it!

My assessment of taking part in the challenge at this point is therefore excellent. I highly recommend this challenge to almost everyone who needs some willpower and encouragement to start doing those things she/he never started or ended.


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