Getting back to #100DaysOfCode

Wed Mar 06 2019 22:30:42 GMT+0100 (Hora estándar romance), David Ibáñez

Getting back to #100DayOfCode

After some days off the #100DaysOfCode Challenge, I found myself out of motivation. It has been just 4 days away from the challenge but I think I lost my consistency. I've been out for a business trip, and maybe I returned a little bit tired. The main problem is that I couldn't find any interest in some of the projects I'm working on.

Has the following of the challenge any meaning to me anymore? At this point I've recap and found that the consistency I've reached so far had a great impact on me and deserved a second chance.

After brainstorming with myself, I've decided to set a short term goal and go for it!

What I've done

Reached this point, I decided to sit in front of a blank paper, and write some thoughts on it. During the challenge I worked on my goals I set up for 2019. I've reached some of them, some other are still open and others not started so far. One of the main problem is that some of the ones I haven't finished I really don't feel any engagement to.

I wrote all of them, the pending ones and those that I haven't started yet. I've found that one of the goals was useful to my day to day work. That seems a good place to start. Doing something I would like to do and can have some impact in my real work.

Another thing I've done is to close something I started but doesn't seem very interesting to me right now. Let's remove them from the open to do's! I think it's a good thing to do also.

My short term goal. Things never come alone

As said, I decided to work on a new short term goal. This is how I defined in my original post about 2019 goals.

Code a full Machine Learning project - I took ML course on coursera few years ago and last year I finished the full Deep Learning Specialization from Andrew Ng. I completed assignments and ported those solutions from juniper notebooks to local python successfuly, playing with them trying out my own ideas on those and I joined some dummy contest in kaggle, but I never created any project from scratch. Something able to run permanently, something trained and able to predict something. I will try to accomplish this project this year.

Getting this goal as starting point I decided I'll work on create a full project using TensorFlow on Node.js. I'll work on an image recognition system, more concretely, a license plate recognition system.

Because things never come alone, just after decided this, and reading my timeline on twitter I've seen this tweet from Andrew Ng


Andrew Ng is an amazing Stanford's teacher (and a lot of other things) founder of Coursera. I've took some years ago his Machine Learning course on this platform and more recently his Deep Learning AI specialization. I've learned a lot on these courses, but I forgot most of those concepts because the lack of usage. I'd never worked on any DL project entirely away from the course assignments.

I've found that this new course, Introduction to TensorFlow for AI, ML and DL could fit to my new goal very well. I've decided to enroll!

Why I share all of this

Like I've done during the challenge, sharing my new goals has helped me a lot to gain consistency and stay focused. This is how my next short term goal looks like:

  • Start coding a complete Machine Learning solution using Node.js and TensorFlow.
  • Going for an image recognition solution, a license plate recognition system.
  • Enroll on new Introduction to TensorFlow course on Coursera.
  • Blog about the progress of my new goal.

Let's see if it works!


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